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Corporate & Commercial Law

We provide corporate and commercial law advice and services to our clients. We are aware of the corporate and fiduciary obligations as well as commercial needs of both privately owned and listed companies in Singapore.
We dispense practical corporate advice on areas essential to every company and corporation in order to ensure they are in compliance with the Companies Act and to assist them to achieve them commercial objectives.

Primarily, these cover the following areas:-

  • Corporate Governance & Compliance;
  • HR & Employment Matters;
  • Directors’ Fiduciary Duties;
  • Insolvency and Debt Restructuring.

Apart from offering corporate advice, we also offer our services in providing the legal infrastructure and documentation essential to corporate activities and transactions:-

  • M&A Activities;
  • Mergers & Takeovers;
  • Investments in the form of equity and debt financing
  • Memorandum of Understanding/Letter of Intent/Heads of Agreement for projects and transactions;
  • Joint Ventures/Takeovers/Collaboration/Share Swaps
  • Franchising/Distributorship/Agency Agreements

Please contact us if you wish to seek our advice or know more about the services we offer in this area.