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Our Firm Profile

Oracle Law Corporation LLC is a boutique law firm consisting of Mr. Stanley Bay, Ms. Pauline Ong and Mr. Alan Koh.

The firm has a vibrant and colorful practice headed by Stanley Bay. Our firm is one of the few practices with the unique ability to provide a comprehensive suite of automotive centric and specialized legal advice and services. Our lawyers are highly experienced in the automotive industry, having worked closely with industry leaders within the automotive industry including the regulatory agencies, automotive distributors, manufacturers as well as insurance companies.

Other than the automotive industry and general corporate consultation services, Oracle Law Corporation LLC also provides legal services including consultation for equity-related fund-raising activities, assistance for shareholders meeting and board meetings, shareholder and director interest, management disputes, re-organization, mergers, acquisitions, reinvestment, establishment of subsidiary, and other joint ventures.


Our firm handles an extensive range of civil and commercial claims arising from the ordinary exigencies of commerce and trade, including trade claims, labor disputes, insurance disputes and recovery claims. Some of these matters require litigation to end the dispute. However, there are many other instances where we recognize that litigation need not be a means to an end.

In most circumstances we believe that our solution-oriented approach to disputes would benefit our clients far more than mere acrimony. Our firm’s practical approach in resolving disputes presents a lower risk to parties and affords an amicable solution each time.

Our edge which defines our practice. We empower our clients with the knowledge of their rights and to leverage on these rights as tools in negotiations.

Let us be your preferred legal partner in all your business endeavors.