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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We provide litigation services in a broad spectrum of civil, commercial and corporate areas as follows:-

  • Ranging from the usual debt-recovery claims;
  • Contractual disputes relating to goods and services;
  • Trade and Collaboration disputes;
  • Construction and property disputes;
  • Company-related matters such as minority oppression, shareholder disputes and breach of directors fiduciary duties;
  • Intellectual property infringements;
  • Employment law disputes;
  • Medical Negligence;
  • Accident and Personal Injury Claims.

We believe good and effective legal representations extends beyond the courtroom and involves the provision and implementation of a successful strategy.

In line with the recent global trends, we also provide our services to our clients in the areas of mediation and arbitration, recognising that these are increasingly important alternative dispute resolution avenues.

Please contact us if you wish to seek our advice or know more about the services we offer in this area.