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Wills Probates and LPA

We assist our clients in the drafting of their wills to ensure that their wishes are carried out and the interests of their loved ones are protected in the unfortunate event of their demise.

In the event of demise, we also act in probate matters to obtain a grant of the will or letters of administration to ensure the estate is distributed in strict accordance with the wishes of the deceased or in accordance with the law.

There are times when a client may be incapacitated and be unable to make decisions for himself. In such difficult, challenging times, we recognise the family members suffer from the stress and uncertainties caused by the incapacity, apart from the agony of witnessing a loved one in such a predicament.

We provide services in tailoring a suitable Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”) which removes uncertainties by allowing you to state in advance the identity of the person who will make decisions on your behalf during this difficult time, and the manner in which he must do so.

Closely associated with this, we also advise on whether it is necessary to have in place an Advanced Medical Directive (“AMD”), so that the full wishes of our client is complied with and the family members are spared the agony associated with having differing but equally valid viewpoints relating to medical treatment.

Please contact us if you wish to seek our advice or know more about the services we offer in this area.