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Motor Accident and Personal Injury Claims

In Singapore, traffic accidents are unfortunately a very common feature of our everyday lives. Upon the occurrence of an accident, many people are unaware of their obligations as an insured party and this is important to ensure you have insurance coverage for claims made against you by third parties.

Many people are also unaware of their rights of claim and what they can effectively claim for when they suffer loss, damage and personal injuries resulting from traffic accidents.

With more than 18 years of experience in this area, we offer our clients, as vehicle owners, effective and essential advice upon the occurrence of an accident so that their rights are fully safeguarded.

We advise and represent clients in making claims for the various loss they suffer in the unfortunate event of an accident, which can fall within the following broad categories:-

  • Cost of Repairs to your damaged vehicle;
  • Claiming for insurance excess which you have paid;
  • Loss of Use;
  • Rental Charges for an alternative vehicle;
  • Loss to personal property items;
  • Compensation for injuries suffered;
  • Medical Expenses and miscellaneous expenses;
  • Loss of Income resulting from inability to work during the period of recovery;
  • Loss of Earning Capacity/Future Earnings in the unfortunate event of permanent disabilities

Please contact us if you wish to seek our advice or know more about the services we offer in this area.